Security Policy

Data security is our number one priority at Franchise Lab, constantly striving to provide a safe, reliable and secure environment for our customers and their customers.

Security Policy
Table of Contents

    A Security-First Mindset

    First and foremost, Franchise Lab employs people who understand and believe in the principles of data security. We have also adopted strict security standards and measures throughout the organisation and every team member is kept up to date on the latest security standards and processes. All personnel undergo monthly training to ensure they are kept abreast of the latest threats and trends.

    Secure By Design

    The Franchise Lab platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), leveraging AWS’ native security and privacy capabilities. We also take additional steps to ensure all infrastructure is configured and maintained securely and our platform is developed using secure coding practices in line with industry standards for secure web applications.

    Data Centre Security

    Franchise Lab customer data is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a state-of-the-art data centre service provider with industry-leading security capabilities. AWS maintains several industry certifications including SOC 2 Type 2, demanding a vast range of physical and logical security controls and practices and is trusted by most of the global and local brands you know and love.

    Franchise Lab's infrastructure is hosted in a resilient, secure manner and access is restricted to authorised staff only. The Franchise Lab platform is hosted in AWS’ Australia (Sydney) region. All data is processed and stored solely at this location.

    More information on AWS data centres and their security controls can be found here

    Application Security

    All Franchise Lab data is transmitted securely, encrypted with 256 bit SSL – the same level of encryption used by financial institutions, ensuring communications cannot be intercepted by unauthorised parties. Franchise Lab also stores all sensitive data using AES-256 encryption.

    Franchise Lab monitors the security, performance and availability of our platform around the clock. We run automated security testing on an ongoing basis and engage a trusted third party for regular penetration testing to identify any potential weaknesses.