Remove the guesswork from franchisee selection.

Scientifically validated, franchise recruitment platform that helps franchisors select quality franchisees, fast.

A simple powerful solution

Everything you need to reliably recruit right-fit franchisees

From tracking leads, capturing data, to predicting performance FranchiseLab is a scientifically validated and easy-to-use franchise recruitment platform with all you need to successfully recruit high quality franchisees to your network.

Key Features

Collate detailed candidate background information

Intuitive mobile friendly forms to capture franchise relevant background information, business experience & financial capability. Cautionary alerts and success indicators are automatically highlighted to help you find the best candidates fast.

Benchmarked candidate profile to predict performance

Create benchmarked success profiles of your candidates. Measure 16 attributes identified through rigorous research to predict franchisee performance. Each profile is automatically benchmarked against a franchise database to give you a clear signal of strengths and development needs.

A structured interview guide

A professional interview guide with questions to ask each candidate. Enabling you to objectively rate responses and keep record of decisions made at each step of the process. This ensures a consistent assessment process and nothing is overlooked.

Generated reports online and PDF

User friendly reports both online and in PDF format ready to download and share with key decision makers.

Realtime tracking of candidate progress

Realtime activity logs and assessment tracking ensures all important actions are completed and helps your team maintain legal and administrative compliance throughout the recruitment process.

Secure document management

Collate all your documents and keep them secure in one place.

Quality recruitment

The positive impact of quality franchisees

Our research shows that quality franchisees…

Positive Culture

Positive Culture

Are easier to manage, positively contribute to your organisational culture and stay with your network longer.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Deliver a better customer experience, and actively build and protect your brand.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Reduce your support costs and generate higher royalty revenues.

Streamline your workflow

FranchiseLab supports your end-to-end recruitment process

Make sound, well-informed decisions about prospective franchisees with lead capture, background information gathering, benchmarked success profiles, a structured interview guide, and so much more.

Predict Performance: Franchise recruitment platform

Predict franchisee performance

Clear indicators and predictors that measure attributes proven to drive franchisee performance

Efficient Process: Franchise Recruitment Platform

Consistent efficient processes

Reduce bias and errors in judgement with consistent ways of qualifying leads and enquiries to find the right fit franchisees

Single View of the Candidate: Franchise Recruitment Platform

Single view of each candidate

Easily keep track of your candidates at every step of the process, with all information secure and in one place

Professional Experience: Franchise Recruitment Platform

Professionally presented

Deliver a polished, branded, mobile friendly candidate experience to your candidates

Scientifically validated

Backed by 30 years of franchising research

FranchiseLab assessment tools have been developed by psychologists based on the scientific research of thousands of franchisees. Each assessment has been designed to identify the unique factors that drive success and satisfaction. The FranchiseLab platform will help you make well-informed decisions about the future of your franchisees.

Greg Nathan Masterclass: FranchiseLab, franchise recruitment platform

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